About This Journal

Baltic Journal of Health and Physical Activity (BJHPA), published by Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport (Poland), was launched – as a yearbook in print - in 1994. The journal has undergone many significant changes since then, and now it is a peer-reviewed high-quality online quarterly journal.

The topics of articles published in BJHPA cover a wide spectrum of issues related to physical education, health sciences, human physiology, sports medicine, sports and recreation, sports theory, and public health. Manuscripts submitted to the journal must contain novel data from theoretical and experimental research or be of practical application in the field of sport and health sciences.

Members of the Scientific Board include international specialists, representing various fields of studies, which guarantees a peer review process and a high scientific level of the journal.

All articles are available in consistence with the Open Access policy, according Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). That enhances the range and circulation of the journal.

Manuscripts are considered for publication on condition that they are submitted solely to this Journal and, therefore, have not been and will not be published elsewhere, in part or in whole. BJHPA must receive in writing the exclusive assignment of the Copyright Agreement along with the manuscript submission.

In order to enhance our internationalization and competitiveness, the Journal uses Elsevier’s Digital Commons editorial system for submitting, tracking and publishing manuscripts online.