Background: The aim of the research was to analyse the system of athletic training management of the fittest Lithuanian skiers - members of the Olympic national team and to establish the peculiarities of the changes in the skiers’ sports performance in the perennial training process. Material/Methods: The complex studies of Lithuanian skiers were carried out three times during an annual training cycle. The study analyses the indices of training loads, physical working capacity and the functional capacity of the organisms of Lithuanian Olympic national team skiers I. T (female), A. N (male) and M. S. (male). We present methods of control of functional powers and adaptation to physical loads of skiers’ organisms, analyse indices of adaptation of skiers’ organisms to physical loads and physical efficiency in the zones of different work intensity. Results: Significant information about the adaptation of skiers’ organisms during the two-year training cycle is gained by estimating the skiers’ metabolism, the threshold limits of critical intensity and anaerobic effort. Conclusions: Indices of oxygen consumption at the limit of anaerobic threshold and after reaching the limit of critical intensity often change during the annual cycle, and thus, we can judge the sports preparedness of athletes according to the parameters of those indices.



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