Technology is involved in creating new objects, processes, structures, dependencies that have never existed before. Engineering technology of creating new material objects or preparing spaces for different human or animal activity encompasses: 1) engineering sciences, 2) engineering processes of production, 3) products and spaces. Within engineering sciences there are: metrology, material science, energy science, machine science, electro-technique, electronics, automation, robotics, informatics, and tele-communication. The engineering process consists of several stages: analysis of needs, designing, production, usage and maintenance, fixing and parts exchange, waste disposal, marketing, development of products. The sport of today has the same aims as earlier: competitors must be faster, jump farther and higher, lift heavier loads, shoot with higher precision at the target, show better tactical solutions. Engineering helps the above mentioned problems significantly. Within sport engineering products one can present those concerning the body, movable, immovable, those concerning information technology, and miscellaneous ones. There are also different spaces used by sportspersons.



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