Background: Fractures of the proximal epiphysis of the tibia constitute one of the more frequently occurring types of sports injuries, and at the moment constitute about 1% of all reported bone fractures. They appear mainly as a result of traffic accidents, falls from heights, as well as being observed in groups of physically active people whose disciplines involve high-impact landings. From time to time, improperly executed movements or steps without falling result in injury. Case Report: We present a case study of a 21-year-old male football player with fracture of the lateral tibia condyle with indentation of articular surface. The patient came to the clinic with increasing pain in the knee joint, resulting from torsional injury which occurred the same day. Conclusions: A quick and accurate diagnosis as well as treatment of fractures of the lateral tibia which includes surgery, rehabilitation and supportive orthobiology, minimize the risk of chronic symptoms of the injury such as limited range of motion and subsequent osteoarthritis.



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