Background: The aim of the present study was to evaluate & compare the body fluid level and the total mineral content in trained male and female players of four different sport disciplines. Materials and Methods: 46 archers (M=18 & F=28), 57 track & field athletes (M=26 & F=31), 81 footballers (M=24 & F=57) and 43 gymnasts (M=21 & F=22) were evaluated using a multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analyser. Results: Track & field athletes were found to be bigger in size while gymnasts were smaller. Total body water (%) was found to be higher in all the male players than in their female counterparts. Total mineral mass, total body Ca2+ and K+ were also found to differed significantly (p<0.05 & p<0.01) between male & female players of different sports disciplines, except for gymnastics. However, overall significant difference (p<0.05 & p<0.01) was observed only in archers vs gymnasts, archers vs footballers in both male & female players when Scheffe’s post hoc test was applied. Conclusions: The present study revealed the influence of specific training load and gender on total body water and mineral content in athletes playing different sports. These findings could be implemented in sports to formulate a systematic training program and also for future comparisons.



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