The aim of this paper it to place marketing in the sports context and to explain what sports marketing is today and to show how to effectively implement brand marketing communications using sports facilities. Thus, the object of the authors’ research has been effective marketing communication, with special focus on brand marketing communication at the Orlik sports facilities. Towards this end, the available literature on the subject has been analysed. The authors have attempted to capture the specific character of marketing communication in sport with a view to define conditions for its maximum effectiveness. Apart from the analysis of literature on the subject, the authors have performed their own empirical research (a survey). Based on the gathered material, i.e. the analysis of available literature on the subject and the survey results, it has been concluded that people participating in sporting activities organised at the Orlik facilities notice the marketing communications addressed to them by various brands. The brands that are present in sports facilities are positively assessed by the users, and thus contribute to building a positive image of brand owners. Thus, it may be concluded that an appropriate selection of advertised brands and a well-constructed marketing communication will effectively enhance the value of brands.



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