Background:‪This study was conducted to determine acute effects of carbohydrate-electrolyte (CHO-E) found in sports drinks, ingested just before an orienteering competition, on the levels of plasma IL-6 and IL-1β cytokine.Material and methods:‪The study was conducted in a randomized, double-blind design, including 23 elite orienteering athletes who volunteered to participate. Following the collection of resting specimens of blood, the experimental group (n = 12) was administered a sports drink containing CHO-E, while the placebo group (n = 11) was administered 500 ml of plain water. The subjects were asked to finish the orienteering competition. Results:‪IL-1β level in the 24th hour after the competition was found to be significantly lower than in pre-competition and 2 hours after the competition in the placebo group (p< 0.05). The IL-6 levels of the experimental group in the 24th hour after the competition were significantly lower than those measured at the end of the competition and in the 2nd hour following the competition (p< 0.05). In intergroup comparisons, no significant differences were detected in the IL-1β and IL-6 levels (p> 0.05).Conclusions:‪A drink containing CHO-E might have stopped muscle contraction-associated cytokine production by increasing the tissue stability of the muscles, compensating the loss of fluid and electrolytes from athletes’ bodies



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