Background: ‪The results of previous studies indicate on a higher level of psychomotor abilities among players with a high sports level. The aim of the study was to evaluate the ability of selected psychomotor handball goalkeepers with a high level of sports. Material and methods: ‪The research involved 12 goalkeepers appearing in PGNiG Superleague. Psychomotor performance tests were conducted using the Vienna Test System. The following tests were carried out: RT version S1 measuring the simple reaction time, RT version S3 measuring reaction time with a choice. The ZBA test version S3-linear form was used to measure time-space anticipation. Results: T‪he average time of the simple reaction was 200.33 ms, while the average motor time was 78.33 ms. These results are on the T scale near the upper limit of the scale. The average response time in the reaction time with the choice was 292.67 ms, while the average motor time was 75.50 ms. The results are above norm. The time anticipation was 0.78 s. The anticipation of the direction was 21.75. Conclusions: ‪Handball goalkeepers indicate a high level of simple reaction time and reaction time with choice. Players anticipate a place better than the time the object appears.



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