It is clear that physical activity, holistically, is linked with several positive factors through the life course. There exists a large evidence base for physical activity quantity, yet there has been little integration of physical activity qualities, and whilst qualityis a nebulous term, recent developments in literature suggest it may be a viable measure in the characterisation of physical activity. The purpose of the study was to comprehensively review the development towards a measure of physical activity quality.‪A review of literature was conducted using online databases: Web of Science, PubMed and Google Scholar. A narrative review was subsequently prepared on the topic and development of physical activity quality.‪Quantitative assessment of movement quality shows promise in the evaluation and measurement of physical activity, particularly in relation to motor development, fundamental movement skills and body mass indices.‪Whilst measures of movement quality display promise, this is a burgeoning field of research contributing to physical activity literature, and as such, these measures must be refined, developed and investigated further



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