Background:‪One of the effects of involution is the change in the body posture. Muscles lose their flexibility and strength, causing the typical changes in body posture of the elderly. Hyperkyphosis is a typical feature of the posture, which leads to serious health problems. The aim of the study was to analyse changes in the body posture of elderly women who took part in diversified Nordic walking training.Material and methods:‪The study group comprised 90 elderly women divided into two experimental groups and control. The main method was an experiment. The tested women took part in a 6-month Nordic walking training cycle. Women from the control group did not take part in any organised form of physical activity. Evaluation of the body posture was made by the silhouette-based Staffel method. Results:‪Nordic walking training has led to certain changes in the body posture. Women from experimental groups have improved their body posture. In the control some significant negative changes have been observed.Conclusions:‪Nordic walking is extremely useful for modelling body posture of the elderly. When the programme is complemented with the strengthening and stretching exercises, which shape the postural muscles, the effects are intensified.K



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