Hypertension is a major concern in public health. In the world population over 25 years of age, its prevalence is of 40%, and studies on the amount of physical activity (PA) related to hypertension in active military personnel are scarce. To estimate the prevalence of hypertension in the Brazilian Army military personnel and to explore the association of PA levels and other risk factors.Material and methods:‪This is a cross-sectional study (N = 506). Self-reported prevalence of hypertension (outcome), PA and associated factors were examined (χ2, simple and multiple Poisson regression).Results:‪Prevalence of hypertension was lower (9.7%) than in the general population and the expected associated factors, such as job stress and psychological distress, were not associated with hypertension. Job stress and psychological distress were not associated to hypertension. PA in sports/exercise in leisure (SEL) presented inverse association. The minimum amount of PA presented a cut-off point on SEL of 1,200 METmin/week.Conclusions:‪In military, higher levels of SEL was related to lower prevalence of hypertension and the cut-off point found indicated that the minimum amount of PA to achieve a protective pattern is ~50min of PA of moderate to vigorous intensity (≥4METs) four times a week. Findings were discussed.



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