Background:‪In the article below the authors will try to answer the question about the usefulness on the Polish market of a marketing and management strategy of a sports enterprise, based on the Norton and Kaplan models, based on the examples functioning in the Premier League. Material and methods:‪For the purpose of this work, the authors have analysed the literature. In addition, annual reports of the Football Business of Ekstraklasa from the seasons of 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 made by the official auditors, Ernst & Young Global Limited, were reviewed presenting the financial data of the Ekstraklasa SA clubs.Results:‪ In the circumstances of the Polish Ekstraklasa, the revenues of clubs are growing on a regular basis, and such a trend continues invariably since the company responsible for organising games has been established. The top clubs which compete for a championship in both Polish and English leagues generated positive revenue.Conclusions:‪It seems reasonable to conduct research focused on economic and organisational models that are designed to facilitate the achievement of the anticipated level of economic effectiveness – this includes both rather universal models as well as specific models that are used to realise different strategies. Taking into consideration the sphere of the club’s activities related to the implementation and monitoring of the sales and marketing strategy becomes an important problem



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