Background:‪The article has a developmental character (application); it raises problems connected with an objective assessment of an individual game.Material and methods:‪Based on the assumption that an individual action constitutes the basis of team game, a praxeology evaluation of individual game in situations of footballer’s sports fight with high format (152 finalists of EURO 2012) was conducted in the work. These actions, due to the nature of sports games (pressing) and a great performing difficulty (action in the discomfort) make a significant element of the footballers’ training, which is becoming a necessity to get a high score in the modern game.Results:‪The analysis of the research data unambiguously show that the effectiveness of individual game largely determines the sports result (important differences for teams winning their games). Also higher praxeological parameters of these actions indicate large connections with the obtained result in sports rivalry.Conclusions:‪It might be generally concluded that recognition of the mode of great players’ action, taking into account praxeological assessment, comprises not only the estimation of these actions in the game but it may also, to a large extent, set down directions of shaping a sports game. The guidelines of a structured training have a significant meaning for rationalizing training.



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