Background:‪The occurrence of overweight and obesity is a complex phenomenon, determined by genetic, metabolic and environmental factors. This is why, despite the continuous progress in treating obesity, it seems justified to indicate its diversification and the need for prevention and for developing a strategy of action at the level of entire populations. The aim of the study was to evaluate the incidence of overweight and obesity in women aged 20–59 years according to selected socio-economic factors.Material and methods:‪The study used a combination of nonprobability and random sampling and it encompassed 547 women from the Świętokrzyskie Region. The research methods included an interview (i.e. categorised interview) and observations. In the interview, the respondents were asked about their social environment, in particular, their education level, place of residence and financial situation, while the observations encompassed measurements of the basic somatic traits that allowed for calculating the BMI, WHR and WHtR.Results:‪The BMI, WHR and WHtR of the studied women displayed significant intergroup diversification, where age was a strongly diversifying factor. Conclusions:‪Higher education level and better financial situation of woman are correlated with a lower incidence of overweight and obesity.



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