Background: ‪Walking is a fundamental and affordable physical activity that improves entire body and helps women lose weight. However, some studies suggest that walking alone has little or no effect on improving or maintaining body mass and fat mass at the hip and spine. The objective of this study is to estimate the effect of walking intensity (interval training vs. traditional cardio) on weight loss after childbirth. Material and methods: ‪A total of 39 postpartum women [19 experimental subjects (ES) and 20 controls (CS)] participated in this study. Their homogenates were calculated based on their average age of 25 ±2.54 years. BMI obese moderate and waist circumference at high-risk, first deliveries to the same educational and social status. The subjects participated in this study to lose excess weight within three months after childbirth. Results: ‪Our results indicate that interval training with fast walking is a powerful tool for developing successful strategies for managing weight loss. Conclusions: ‪We recommend that postpartum women, who use walking to amplify their weight loss, use the following exercise schedule: at least three sets of 400 m (wf ≈ SR) × 5 per day, nine 400 m (wf ≈ SR) × 5 sets per week, and 36 sets of 400 m (wf ≈ SR) × 5 per month.



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