Background: ‪Recently, there has been a dynamic development of sports sponsorship, which is becoming an alternative to conventional advertising. One of the main methods of sponsorship evaluation is the media value assessment of the brand exposure involved in this form of promotion. The aim of this study was to determine the leading sports disciplines in the aspect of the media value they generate and to indicate the effectiveness of sports sponsorship according to conventional advertising activities. Material and methods: ‪The authors accepted the thesis that the popularity and specificity of sports disciplines have the key importance in the effectiveness of sports sponsorship. The subject of the research was the media data obtained by companies sponsoring sports events broadcast on Polish television channels. Mostly, empirical research carried out in 2015, 2016 and 2017 by Pentagon Research was used. Results: ‪The conducted research confirmed the dominance of football over the remaining disciplines in terms of popularity and attractiveness of the programming offer on television. Conclusions: ‪The disciplines that have a high probability of sustainable, high popularity in the coming months or years also seem to be most valuable for marketing strategies. Obviously, this popularity will affect the result of the media value.



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