Background: Coxarthrosis is one of the most serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system due to the incidence, low efficacy of non-invasive treatment, and severe disability due to symptoms. All physiotherapeutic activities that reduce these disorders are a priority. The aim of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of manual therapy and traditional kinesitherapy for gait in elderly people with degenerative changes in the hip joint. Material and methods: Three groups of 30 people each were formed based on selection and exclusion criteria. One group was subjected to manual therapy, the second one to traditional kinesitherapy and the third, control group. The tests were carried out twice before the beginning of the treatment exercise program and after completing it. The IOWA scale was used to assess gait. A walking test to cover the longest possible distance without feeling discomfort was also used. Results: The results of the analysis showed a significant increase in the variable “Walking” on the IOWA Scale after completing the therapy compared to the pre-therapy status in the group in which manual therapy was used. Conclusions: Out of both therapeutic procedures, only manual therapy had a positive effect on the quality of gait and the distance covered by patients with degenerative changes in the hip joint.



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