Background: Motivation is one of the predictors of human performance - including training and striving for perfection. Therefore, an analysis of the problem of motivation in martial arts and combat sports is particularly important, as it results in vital issues for many fields of science, including psychology of sport, sociology or theory of physical education. The aim of the study was to compare motivation in combat sports based on the example of judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes. Material and Methods: Seventy persons of all ages participated in a study conducted in February and March 2018 among males practicing judo and Brazilian ju-jitsu. Information was collected with a use of the Motivation Questionnaire by P.C. Terry and A. Fowles in the Polish adaptation by Stanisław Sterkowicz. In order to compare the obtained values in the tested groups, the f-parametric test (for variance) and the t-parametric test (for differences) were used. Results: Significant differences in the components of motivation between men training judo and men training Brazilian jiu-jitsu were noted. Conclusions: Training both judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu gives people a sense of good health and physical fitness and a sense of independence.



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