Background: The influence of kettlebell lifting training on the development of cadets’ power qualities during studies at Ukrainian higher military educational institutions is examined in the article. Also, a comparative analysis of the development of cadets’ power qualities depending on their sports qualification in kettlebell lifting is conducted. Material and methods: The investigation of the development of cadets’ power qualities was conducted according to the following tests: bar pull-ups, bar pullover, bar muscle up, parallel bars dips, complex power exercise, L-sit on parallel bars, holding the body in a horizontal position, back squat, bench press and barbell deadlift. Results: ‪A reliably better level of the development of power qualities of cadets who were involved in kettlebell lifting training during studies was found in comparison with cadets who were involved in the current system of physical training, which proves the efficiency of kettlebell lifting exercises concerning the formation of graduates’ physical preparation for professional activity. Conclusions: ‪The research shows a necessity to implement kettlebell lifting to the physical training of cadets who are the future Ukrainian Armed Forces’ officers in order to ensure high efficiency of their future professional activity.