Background: In the context of physiological changes that progress over the years and worsen the functioning of their organisms, older people’s physical activity is an increasingly important topic. It is important to be aware that a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, has a positive effect on old age. In general, one of the elements of a healthy lifestyle is physical activity and also the consumption of dietary supplements. The aim of the study was to determine the level of organized physical activity of postmenopausal women and their consumption of dietary supplements. Material and methods: ‪The study involved 100 women aged from 60 to 75 years old in good general health (no neurodegenerative diseases diagnosed, no doctor's contraindications). The women were recruited from the general population. The participants were asked to complete a self-created questionnaire about their organized physical activity (like fitness, walking, dancing, swimming and other forms) as well as intake of medicines and supplements. Based on the questionnaire, the characteristic of physical activity was made, and the participants were divided into 3 subgroups according to their physical activity depending on the number of minutes spent during the week on a given type of activity: high, medium and lack (30, 49, 21% respectively). Results: ‪It can be concluded that physical activity and supplementation was common among the tested group. The most frequently seniors declared physical activity a week and used preparations to assist the circulatory system, and dietary supplements. They also took those supporting the work of the intestines, assisting the urinary tract, the work of heart, preparations supporting the bacterial micro-flora and preparations to assist the memory. The decision to start of supplementation was most often taken under the influence of television advertisements, pharmacy worker as well as of friends. There were statistical differences in the presented results between the studied populations according to their age. Conclusions: ‪It is important to educate older people on physical activity and use of dietary supplements to make supplementation safe and to achieve distinct improvement in health.



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