The aim of the paper is to emphasise the significance of physical activity as an element directly or indirectly modulating the perception of pain during ontogenesis. Pain is a distinctive sensory sensation and also a subjective criterion of health or disease. In contrast to other modalities (taste, smell, touch), it triggers solely negative emotions and sensations. Pain is a highly individualised sensory phenomenon, involving the physical, cognitive and emotional spheres of human life. Different reactions to pain during ontogeny most often result from the loss of communication skills, a systematic decrease in the functions of all systems and organs, in particular the nervous system, and limited physical activity. Motivation for physical activity translates into motivation to improve the quality of life. From the ontogenetic perspective pain perception cannot be limited to nociception, because the perception of pain is subjective and depends on the community in which we live, our religion, individual life philosophy, as well as intellectual interests.



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