Background: ‪Hydration is one of the most significant issues for combat sports as athletes often use water restriction for quick weight loss before competition. There is significant evidence to indicate that the hypohydration status impairs anaerobic performance. The aim of this study was to investigate if hypohydration, to reach a weight category, affects anaerobic performance. Material and methods: ‪Six well trained combat sport athletes, classified in the middleweight division, took part in the experiment. The hydration status and anaerobic performance parameters were evaluated at four points in time (t1 – four weeks before fight, t2 – two weeks before fight, t3 – one day before fight, t4 – the fight day). The hydration status was determined using urine osmolality (UOSM) and urine specific gravity (USG) techniques. Anaerobic performance was evaluated by 30s Wingate tests for upper limbs. Results: ‪The current investigation demonstrated a significant impairment of anaerobic performance parameters, such as peak power – Pp (W), mean power – Pm (W) and total work performed – Wt (J), as a consequence of dehydration in the weight cutting process. Conclusions: ‪The overall results indicate that hypohydration in combat sports athletes is not fully compensated in the 24 h from weigh-in to competition.



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