Background: This article presents the results of experimental research to identify high-priority types of martial arts whose representatives successfully implement their skills in mixed martial arts, as well as the results of the study of somatic health. Objective: To explore the mechanisms of the intermediate selection in sport of the highest achievements and to explore the possibility of using them in mixed martial arts. Materials and methods: We have attracted twelve fully qualified athletes of mixed martial arts for a study to identify criteria of talent prediction and intermediate selection in terms of somatic health. We have engaged eighteen leading Russian trainers with extensive practical experience in training athletes of combat sport and mixed martial arts as experts in this research. Results: The results of our study show that having high potential of somatic health considerably exceeding the same indicator of ordinary man is a feature for being fully qualified mixed martial artists. Conclusions: The results of ranking of the leading mixed martial artists and our long-term observations confirm representatives of sport and combat sambo and army hand-to-hand combat are the most promising in terms of success in competitive activity.



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