Background: The heel spur often accompanied by plantar fascia inflammation is a very troublesome disorder. It causes intense heel and foot pain, disturbs gait, often causing limitation of physical activity. The aim of the work is to evaluate the impact of radial shock therapy patients diagnosed with heel spur on pain and physical activity. Material and methods: The study involved 27 patients - 9 men and 18 women - with a diagnosed spur heel, the average age of the patient is 56 ± SD years. To evaluate the effects of the therapy, two testes were used, the VAS analogue pain scale and the Laitinen pain questionnaire. Results: The analysis of the test results shows a statistically significant reduction in pain (p<0,001) and an increase in the ability of the subjects to function as a result of shock wave therapy. Conclusions: The extracorporeal shock wave is an effective method of heel spur treatment in the studied group of patients. The performed treatments allowed to achieve a lasting therapeutic effect and reduced the intensity and frequency of pain, which allowed to reduce the use of painkillers and allowed for a return to full physical activity.



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Malgorzata Kawa https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7925-207X; Magdalena Podczarska-Glowacka https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0379-5956