The author describes the problem of legislative changes in the field of criminal law in combating illegal forms of doping in sport. Particular provisions of Polish anti-doping regulations in the international context are described and analysed. A detailed interpretation of the regulations is made along with an attempt to show their practical context. The author based on doctrine publications and his own analysis of the legal text. In particular, the Polish Act on Combating Doping in Sport and international regulations are considered as the basis for the analysis. The author claims that the current regulation is conservative, and it will be possible to intensify the criminal liability for the use of doping in sport. The author emphasizes that at the level of criminal responsibility, the introduction of the provisions of the Act on combating doping in sport has not changed anything de facto. Still, the use of doping in both professional and amateur sport is not a crime.



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Jacek Potulski https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0796-0093

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