Background: ‪In our primary research, we examined the state and analysis of the implementation of outdoor schools in primary education. Our goal was to identify new initiatives to improve the content of outdoor school programs. Material and methods: ‪The basic method was a questionnaire from which we learned about the implementation of schools in nature. The questionnaire contained a total of 27 questions. For our contribution, we have analyzed the answers to 4 questions that touched upon our issue. Results: ‪Based on the results obtained, it is concluded that most teachers are convinced that outdoor schools belong to the education process and have intrinsic justification also from the point of view of fulfillment of school physical education goals. The administrative organization is, unfortunately, considered to be burdensome. In addition, we noticed shortcomings in the selection of actions in outdoor school programme. In many cases, this is closely related to a lack of awareness of their mission. Conclusions: ‪81% of respondents realize outdoor schools in primary education, and up to 91.4% of respondents consider the realization of outdoor schools to be important for the educational process.