Background: ‪The subject matter of the submitted survey was to determine what coping strategies are used to manage stress by university students in the field of education. Material and methods: ‪The research group included 51 university students of the Faculty of Education in a combined type of study (the students teach at high schools concurrently with their studies). To collect data, the standardised Stress Coping Style Questionnaire, SVF-78 was used. Results: ‪There is a statistically significant difference between the variables. Men prefer negative coping strategies to a lower extent than women, with statistical significance. Conclusions: ‪The submitted survey focused on coping strategies used for managing stress by university students in a combined type of study of education-related fields (who already work as teachers). They were teachers at high schools with leaving examinations and teachers at vocational schools without leaving examinations. Individual results of a broader study indicate significance of the independent variable of gender in relation to the selection of coping strategies.