Background: The main objective of this research was to determine a model of the Speed Abilities Development Index (SADI) in selected teams of the top league, the first and the second league in Poland. The indirect aim was to determine the most significant predictors that have the greatest effect on development of this model. Material and methods: The study examined a group of randomly selected 20 athletes (age 24 ± 3years) from four Polish premium league soccer teams, four teams of the first league and four teams of the second league, what amounted to 60 randomly selected players. The following independent variables related to starting and absolute running were considered: 5 m, 20 m, 30 m, 520 m, 530 m, 2030 m. Results: In the group of top league players the model determined the following predictors of speed as most significant: the sprint time of 5 to 30 m segment run, the sprint time recorded between 20 to 30 m and the mean result of the RAST. In the group of players from the first and second leagues, the predictors included: the time of 20 to 30 m run, mean result of the RAST and the sprint time of the 5 m run. Conclusions: A good soccer player should be prepared for both short (5 to 20 m) and longer (30 to 50 m) runs at the highest speed possible.



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