Background: Participation in various extra-curricular sports activities is an important component of the professional activity of physical education teachers, regardless of whether we bring into discussion the organisation of such activities or training school teams in order to participate in these sports events. Material and methods: On the one hand, the present paper approaches the way in which teachers are involved in extracurricular sports activities from a descriptive perspective. On the other hand, the paper captures physical education teachers’ opinions on the way these sports competitions are organised and brings to attention some aspects that would need to be improved in this regard. Data were collected by a questionnaire addressed to physical education teachers from primary and secondary schools in Bihor County, Romania. Results: Our results show the availability of physical education teachers to be involved in other extracurricular sports activities and to guide talented students toward various sports clubs. Conclusions: Our research emphasises the need to improve certain aspects when organising local and regional sports competitions addressed to school teams as well as the importance to involve the public and private sector in these events.



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