Background: Psychological resilience is the adaptation of individual in the face of negative situations and the ability to fight these situations. Since university life has an anxious and stressful feature, university students are considered as a risk group in terms of psychological resilience. Purpose of research is to examine relationship between psychological resilience levels and anxiety levels of university students and making comparisons in terms of physical activity levels, gender and academic achievement. Material and methods: 360 university students voluntarily participated in research. ‘Short Psychological Resilience’ Scale, 'Beck Anxiety Inventory' and ‘International Physical Activity Questionnaire' was used in research. Results: According to findings, there was a negative relationship between students' psychological resilience and anxiety levels. In terms of gender, there was no significant difference between resilience levels and anxiety levels. A significant difference was found between resilience and anxiety levels in favor of students’ doing physical activity. It has been found that students who are ‘academically good’ are better resilience than students who are academically moderate and worse, and their total anxiety levels are also lower. Conclusions: As a result, it can be said that doing regular sports positively affects students' psychological resilience and anxiety.



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