Background: The main aim of this study is to analyze the influence of the external load on the reaction time of the lower limbs of mixed martial arts fighters. Material and methods: The research group consisted of 31 senior MMA fighters (with training experience of at least 10 years, divided into two weight categories: light (66-70 kg) and heavy (over 93 kg) and each of them into two categories: intermediate and advanced). The Keizer Leg Press pneumatic device (Keizer, Fresno, CA, USA) was used to evaluate the reaction time of the lower limbs of MMA fighters. The subjects performed a 20-minute warm-up and then worked on the Keizer Leg Press measuring device according to the manufacturer's protocol. Based on this data, a 10 single repetitions test was performed. The value of the external resistance and the time to the next repetition were not changed to obtain the measurement data. Results: The obtained results indicate a constant deterioration of the value of the RTLBL and RTLL variable when increasing the external load in both studied groups. In the case of advanced players in the 66-70 kg weight group, a clear (statistically significant) increase in the value of the RTLBL and RTLL variable occurred from 70% 1RM, while in the intermediate group it was from 50% 1RM, and from 80% 1RM in the weight category above 93 in both study groups. Growth dynamics was lower in the advanced group in both tested weight categories. Conclusions: Performing the progression of the external load may allow the detection of the dominance of one lower limb and determination of the dynamics of differences in the reaction time of the frontal and back limb in MMA fighters.



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Magdalena Nitychoruk ORCID 0000-0002-1240-6919; Adam Maszczyk ORCID 0000-0001-9139-9747