Introduction: The situation of the coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of many athletes from different disciplines. Therefore, the present study investigated the impact of Covid-19 first lockdown on emotional states and motivation of athletes from Spain and Poland. Material and methods: Polish male (N=24) and female (N=94) and Spanish male (N=81) female (N=95) athletes were investigated. The respondents did online ad hoc questionnaires, namely Emotional and Adaptative reactions during confinement (COVID-19-RECOVID-19), and Profile of Mood States (POMS). Results: Significant differences were observed in training conditions by country, with the Polish sample having higher scores than Spaniards. Stressing thoughts characterized Polish female athletes significantly more than others; Spanish athletes, both females and males were characterized by the highest agreement to confinement rules. Females, relative to males, had a higher level of fatigue. Moreover, significant differences by country appeared in anger, vigor, friendship, tension, and depressed feelings. Polish female athletes were characterized by the highest scores apart from friendship, which was similarly high among Polish athletes. Conclusions: Monitoring the mental conditions of sports professionals and designing psychological interventions that would match athletes’ personal needs seems crucial to similar, tremendously complex, and socially isolating situations, such as lockdown due to Covid-19.



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Dominika Wilczynska ORCID 0000-0002-4332-0157; David Alarcón Rubio ORCID 0000-0002-7964-1913

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