Background: This study aimed to analyze factors differentiating body appreciation among Polish elite athletes. Material and Methods: Participants were athletes, both men and women (N=408), who completed questionnaire BAS-2. Results: In general, men had a better perception of their body than women (p<0.01). Higher appreciation of the body was visible among women sprinters, opposite to volleyball players (p <0.03). Indirect competition for women was connected to higher body appreciation (p<0.05). Gender and individual/team sport also significantly differentiated appreciation of the body (p<0.02). Furthermore, training frequency in a week differentiated body appreciation (p<0.03), as well as characteristic of sports performance [indoor sports, and higher in water sports (p<0.02)]. Conclusions: Results suggest that not only the common category of the sport type – aesthetic, technical, strength – differentiates the body image. Equally important for differences in body appreciation is also gender, sport discipline, and background of sport training: frequency per week, the character of competition (direct-indirect), individual/non-individual competition, or characteristic of sports performance.



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Aleksandra Budzisz ORCID 0000-0002-6975-2644; Krzysztof Sas-Nowosielski ORCID 0000-0002-9569-5954

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