European, national and local public policies have a crucial role when it comes to social and economic development. Based on European and national frameworks, local public administration develops and implements local public policies based on the community needs in order to reach a high level of local development. Among other sectors, sport plays a major role in the local development. Our paper aims to outline the role of local public authorities from Oradea, Romania, in supporting high-performance sport at a local level through local public policies. In Oradea a high-performance sport is represented by the Municipal Sports Club; therefore, our analysis focuses on the impact of local public policies on the sports activity of the club. The study methodology is mixed, based on document analysis and individual interviews. Research results show a clear link between the decision of local public authorities to get involved in local sports activity and the achievement of outstanding results by local sports teams. Consistent financial support, high quality sports infrastructure, transparent public-private partnerships, as well as strong partnerships between various local public authorities are the keys to developing performance sport.



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