Background: The urban green space with specific functions (economic, social, ecological, recreational tourist, etc.) stands as one the most representative indicators of attractiveness and quality. The main aim of the study is to inventory and analyze the green areas with reference to their number, total area, area per inhabitant and their endowment for physical and tourist activities. Material and methods: The data necessary to carry out the study were obtained from the website of the National Institute of Statistics of Romania, the Register of Green Spaces of Oradea Municipality and the Oradea Green City Program as well as from field research. Their processing was performed using Excel and ArcGis 10.6. programs. Results: The results highlighted the existing situation at the level of Oradea Municipality regarding the green spaces that are suitable for carrying out physical and tourist activities. Conclusions: In conclusion, although the analyzed area is in full process of economic development and territorial expansion, against the background of a coherent urban development policy, the green space is undergoing a sustained process of expansion, contributing to increasing the quality of urban life and consolidating the city’s destination image.



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