Background: Multiple data suggest that cardio workouts improve young women’s cardiorespiratory fitness and heart rate. The main goal of this paper is to identify objective (i.e. measurable) effects of systematic physical activity in young women participating in Slavica Dance training. Material and methods: Twenty-six young women, aged 20–21 years, constituted one group. Aerobic capacity, anaerobic threshold, heart rate and anaerobic energy metabolism were measured before and after the 8-week training period. Results: Regular participation in the Slavica Dance training resulted in a statistically significant increase in the volume of oxygen delivered and used per minute by the subjects’ bodies (3.0% on average). In addition, there was an average relative increase in the anaerobic threshold (AT) of about 2.5%, an average relative decrease in the heart rate (HR) of about 1.0% and a decrease in the respiratory exchange ratio (RER) during exercise of about 2.6%. Conclusions: Participating in the Slavica Dance training twice a week for eight weeks increased the performance capacity measured by the maximum oxygen consumption VO2max. A proper training plan not only helps to achieve the desired results, but also provides an interesting form of physical activity for women of all ages.



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