This research was conducted to examine physical education teachers’ levels of digital burnout and perceptual fatigue during the COVID-19 pandemic. Material and methods: This study was designed according to the quantitative research model and conducted within the framework of the relational screening model. The research group consists of 504 physical education teachers, including 240 women and 264 men, who work in high schools and secondary schools in Adana and Mersin provinces. Results: The results showed that the teachers working in high schools were in the digital environment too much. At the same time, teachers stated that they did not feel stressed when they were in a lot of digital/virtual environments. Another result of the study is that the variables of daily internet usage time are partially effective on physical education teachers' digital burnout and perceptual fatigue levels. Conclusions: Nowadays, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, digitalization, which is used in educational institutions as well as in other sectors, has become a necessity. This proves that it is necessary to measure the perceptual fatigue tendency, which is the precursor of many organizational behavior variables.

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