The aim of this research is to investigate the road to championship of an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who began physical activity in childhood under parental influence and won medals in competition as an athlete. In this research, founded on the phenomenological pattern from qualitative research models, data were collected in a semi-structured interview. Face-to-face interviews were held with the family, coach and the research participant. The content analysis method was used. The individual with ASD began a physical activity program in a special education center in childhood under parental influence and psychiatric referral. The individual with ASD continued in long-term regular physical activity. It was stated that physical activity provided many benefits like socialization, healthy lifestyle, development of motor skills. With the awareness of the individual’s ability for physical activity, they were directed toward a sport with parental support and through a coach. In conclusion, parental influence on physical activity and sport was effective in the individual with ASD to begin. Physical activity and sport also provided many significant benefits, and these benefits were effective in the continuation. The individual was observed to achieve success in their sports discipline as a result of this process.

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