The purpose of this study is to investigate factors affecting Yankees' fans' attendance. The study population randomly selected (n=707) supporters of the Yankees Baseball Team participating at the Yankee Stadium in the 2017 seasons of American Major League Baseball. Materials and Methods: The Stadium Attendance and Non-Attendance Reason Scale (SANARS) created by Soyguden in 2013 contained 30 questions to determine reasons affecting Yankee fans' attendance. The reasons affecting (SANARS) scale were used. Descriptive statistics, independent sample t-tests, factor analysis, and a one-way ANOVA were the statistical methods used to analyze the data. Results: In general, stadium attendance of the supports was affected by the following factors: Personal Relaxation Opportunities, Team Effect, and General Atmosphere. Conclusions in contrast, the following factors were found to affect the nonattendance of Yankee fans: Negative Environmental Conditions and Negative Ergonomic Conditions. Of all factors affecting supporters’ attendance at the stadiums, “Personal Relaxation Opportunities” was the most influential. Thus, the addition of more fan-based recreational activities in stadiums on game day is recommended. The factor in this study found to most influence stadium non-stadium attendance was found to be "Negative Environmental Conditions.” Thus, the need to improve negative environmental conditions is needed.

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