The aim of this study was to present the characteristics of the actions efficiency in elite goalkeepers. 54 observations of 25 goalkeepers participating in 27 matches of the World and the European Championships and the Africa Cup of Nations and Copa America held in the years 2014–2019 were included. The study applied a method of observation. Game data were registered on a self-developed observation sheet. Goalkeepers’ activity, effectiveness, and reliability with a view to implementing the objectives of the game were analyzed in offensive and in defense. It was found that in the elite goalkeepers’ game, offensive actions constitute 62% and defensive 38% of all actions taken in matches. Actions aimed at positioning the game and at preventing a loss of a goal (60% and 22% respectively) dominated. In offensive goalkeepers showed the highest reliability in positioning the game by passing the ball with the foot, while in defense in preventing the loss of a goal by catching the ball. The created models mapping the top-skilled goalkeepers’ actions allow improving the process of coaching by referring their game to objective patterns.

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