Introduction: As age increases, declines in basic motor skills are observed in older men. Limited physical activity-based interventions, such as Pilates exercises, focus on enhancing these basic motor skills. This study aimed to identify the benefits of Pilates exercises on functional fitness and the quality of life in older men.

Material and Methods: Older men were randomly assigned to either a Pilates exercises group or a control group. Balance, strength, flexibility, and agility were tested using the Senior Fitness Test (SFT). The Quality-of-Life Questionnaire (SF-36) assessed the quality of life before and after 6 weeks of Pilates exercises. Differences over time between the experimental and control groups were assessed by 2×2 (group by time) repeated-measures analysis of variance.

Results: The mean scores of dynamic balance and lower body strength significantly improved post-intervention in both groups, but the level of significance was higher in the Pilates group. Flexibility, agility, and quality of life significantly improved in the Pilates group.

Conclusions: Pilates exercises may improve the physical and social independence of older men. Designing appropriate protocols for Pilates exercises and doing these exercises correctly and regularly by older men may reduce their common mobility problems and limit the risk of falls that cause severe injuries in older people. However, further research is needed.

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