Introduction: This study investigates an association between the human dopamine receptor 2 gene DRD2 Taq1D rs1800498 polymorphism and personality traits among athletes, exploring the genetic underpinnings of sports performance and psychological characteristics. It aims to understand how genetic factors related to dopamine reception influence athletic predispositions and behaviors. Materials and Methods: An association study was conducted with 391 male participants, comparing 159 sports subjects with 232 non-trained controls. Personality traits were assessed using the NEO Five-Factor Inventory, while the DRD2 Taq1D rs1800498 polymorphism was genotyped through real-time PCR. Results: Significant differences in the DRD2 Taq1D rs1800498 genotype and allele frequencies were found between athletes and controls, with athletes displaying higher scores in extraversion and conscientiousness on the NEO-FFI scales. These findings suggest a genetic influence on certain personality traits relevant to sports performance. Conclusions: The study supports the notion that genetic factors, specifically the DRD2 Taq1D rs1800498 polymorphism, are associated with personality traits that may influence athletic performance. This insight contributes to the field of psychogenetics in sports, offering a deeper understanding of how genetics and personality interact to shape athletic capabilities.


There was: Agata Rzeszutko There is: Agata Rzeszutko-Bełzowska

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