Background: The aim of the study was to recognize high school pupils’ opinions about the content of swimming classes, conducted within obligatory physical education lessons. Material/Methods: The experimental group consisted of 56 girls and 60 boys at the age of 14 (± 0.3). All of them were students of the second grade of public secondary schools. The fourth lesson of their obligatory physical education syllabus was conducted at the swimming pool. An anonymous survey was used as a tool. The survey questions referred to the quality and quantity of swimming exercises at the lesson as well as to methodological skills of the teacher. Results: Leg-only exercises and full stroke exercises dominated in the analysed lessons. Girls performed diving less frequently than boys. In pupils’ opinion, underwater diving, games and relays occur rarely during swimming classes. Students pointed out that their teachers often explained new exercises, corrected their improper swimming movements, paid attention to the students of poorer abilities and judged fairly. Conclusions: The attractiveness of swimming classes should be developed by applying playing methods and task methods. Floating devices should be used more frequently. The content of the lesson should be differentiated according to the pupils’ gender.



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