Background: The purpose of this work is to determine the correlation between the indexes of the special fitness test and the parameters of aerobic and anaerobic capacities of women judo competitors, during the preparation period to competitions. Material/Methods: The research material comprised of 15 female judo contestants either members of the Polish representatives in the junior team and the competitors the Pomeranian Province Team aged 16-18. In order to define the somatic characteristics, the height of the body and indices that characterize its mass and composition of body components were determined. In order to assess the aerobic capacity a test with increasing charge until the refusal of continuation of the test was applied, while the anaerobic capacity was assessed thanks to the application of 30 seconds Wingate Test (WAnT) with charge of lower limbs. Within the framework of the assessment of special mobility fitness, the Special Judo Fitness Test (SFJT) was applied. An analysis of correlation between the anthropometric indices and SJFT indices was carried out; besides that a correlation between the indices of aerobic and anaerobic capacity and the results of the special mobility fitness test were analyzed. Results: The indicators of special fitness test moderately correlated both with the indicators of aerobic and anaerobic capacity; however, the most clear dependencies concerned relative values of the maximum power. The tested female competitors at the beginning of the preparatory period achieved definitely lower values of indicators characterizing aerobic and anaerobic capacity in comparison to the results of other tests. Conclusions: The presented dependencies give background to presume that at the level of directed training of female judo competitors in order to further raise their sport effectiveness, it seems adequate to pay more attention to preparation of special character whereby general physical preparation should also be directed to specialization.



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