Background: Sports professional activity has been an unusually absorbing domain of human life. This is particularly noticeable in so-called sports of early specialization, including gymnastics. The specialization in gymnastics occurs at the moment of girls’ acquisition of knowledge and preparation for future professional careers. Therefore, the authors decided to look further into the process of combining school and sports duties and to reveal possible conflicts. Material/Methods: Research material was a group of 482 athletes who are professionally involved in three gymnastics disciplines: artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatic gymnastics in Polish clubs. Results: An analysis of the results revealed that considerable importance is attached to the value of knowledge in both studied populations. Furthermore, the obtained empirical data contradict the popular belief that taking up professional sports activity puts obstacles in the way of combining school and sports duties and, in consequence, interferes with receiving an education. Conclusions: Both studied populations are characterized by high recognition for the values of knowledge, education and work.