Background: An assessment of the influence of a six-week cycle of fitness activities on the state of the adipose tissue in students and an assessment of the efficiency of chosen fitness exercises (STEP, LOW and TBC) in the reduction of the adipose tissue. Material/Methods: Subjects performed physical exercises of the fitness character within a period of 6 weeks. Exercises took place three times a week. Three types of fitness forms of the same intensity were chosen for the research: STEP, LOW and TBC. The subjects were recommended a change in the hitherto existing way of nutrition. The parameters measured were: the height and the mass of the body and the thickness of chosen skin folds (on a shoulder, under a scapula, on the abdomen, on a shin). Results: Systematic participation in fitness exercises as aerobic forms is an efficient and a safe form of the reduction of the adipose tissue; however, six weeks’ long STEP, LOW and TBC fitness forms with a frequency of 3 times per week, in the class of 75 examined students, did not bring statistically essential changes of these parameters in those examined. Without a change of the already existing diet, a decrease in the body mass was noted in 54.7% of them; however, a reduction of the adipose tissue followed in 58.7%. For the lack of the possibility of the inspection of the diet of the examined participants, this result can be considered as satisfying. LOW proved to be the activity most efficiently affecting the decrease in the body mass, where the reduction occurred in 61.5% of those exercising. TBC is the most efficient form in the reduction of the adipose tissue. The effect was obtained by 66.7% of those exercising in this class. Conclusions: The applied program of exercises did not have an essential influence on the reduction of both the body mass and the level of the adipose tissue. To prevent the occurrence of overweight and obesity, the applied program of exercises can be used as a form of everyday activity.



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