Background: The research aimed at determining whether the youth taking up studies at a university level institution of physical education are physically active and whether there is a connection with the place of permanent residence, the level of parents’ education, economic situation and whether physical activity has anything to do with the choice of the field of studies. Material/Methods: The research involved 1,900 students of full-time studies of the first year at the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk. A proprietary questionnaire including standardized multiple choice answers and open questions was used. The information achieved by means of the questionnaire concerned, among others, sociodemographic characteristics, economic situation, choice of studies and physical activity. The statistical analysis was conducted by means of Statistica 8.0 software (StatSoft Polska). Results: The results indicate the relationship of physical activity before studies of youth taking up education at a university level institution of physical education with their choice of the field of studies as well as with socio-demographic and economic determinants. Conclusions: On the basis of the analysis of research tests presented in this work it can be assumed that parents’ education, place of residence, parents’ economic situation are factors forming the environment in which a young person grows up and his/her need for physical activity is developed.



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Alicja Nowak-Zaleska https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3436-039X