The article examines different aspects of the importance of physical education teachers in Germany. The so called “sociology of professions” that has become the predominant theoretical perspective in sport pedagogy on this matter will be contrasted and completed with empirical data from the German educational policy as well as ideas from education theory. It is highlighted that different values of the participating protagonists in this discussion lead to different types of understanding the importance of physical education teachers, depending on their specific system logic. As a result, the acceptance of an occupational group cannot automatically be equated with its importance. Finally, the pessimistic theoretical system view on physical education teachers as a profession at stake will be relativized by redefining the socially highly relevant value of health. Using the example of health as a central value for society that is not only processed by the medical system, the author pleads for an offensive communication about the preventive potential of physical education teachers concerning health education to prove their status as a profession.