Background: Since the first women’s judo championships in 1980 research connected with an analysis and an assessment of their preparation has been carried on. Polish and foreign research has attempted to determine the particulars of women’s technicaltactical preparation (PTT). Joanna Majdan was the first Poland’s judo competitor who succeeded in judo in international tournaments. She won a medal in 1984 (3rd place) and took the 5th place in the 1982 World Championships. She won three medals at individual European Championships (1986,1988, 1989) and in 1986 she was the World’s University Champion; during the World University Championships she won bronze medals three times in 1984, 1988 and in 1990. Nine times she secured her championship titles during individual Poland’s Championships. The purpose of this study was to determine an individual profile of her technicaltactical preparation. Material/Methods: 202 contests played within 1988-1993 during 55 sport judo competitions were analyzed. Within the analyzed period she performed efficiently 232 attacks scoring 1,486 referee’s points. Results: She effectively used 22 judo techniques. A seoi nage was her favorite throw which she effectively executed using both the right and left sides of her body. Conclusions: Her individual profile connected with technical-tactical preparation is an important factor in searching for the model value. The PTT value achieved by Joanna Majdan may be used as a criterion for controlling in individual training of female judo competitors.



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