Background: The aim of the study was to determine additional effects of 8 weeks’ whole body rotation vibration combined with a fitness exercise program of health-related training on chosen motor coordination abilities and flexibility in young females. Material/Methods: Thirty-seven young females aged 20-25 (students) voluntarily participated in the study. The training program included 24 training sessions which were performed over the course of 8 weeks (3 sessions a week) and was based on basic principles of health-related protocols. The program of sessions was performed by subjects of theexperimental group with a working whole body vibration platform (20 Hz), whereas those of the control group performed the same exercises with a non-working (placebo) vibration platform. Chosen motor coordination abilities (body balance,reproducing of strength and whole body rotation angle) and flexibility (active and passive) were measured at the 4th and the 8th week. Results: This study showed additional effects of concomitant whole body vibration and physical exercises for 24 sessions of training (40-50 min). A significant increase in some values of the motor coordination ability (body balance, reproduction of strength and angle in rotation) and hip active and passive flexibility was shown in the experimental group vs. the control one. Conclusions: The results indicate that chronic rotation whole-body vibration, as an accompanying impact to a fitness exercise program, has additional positive effects on coordination and flexibility in young females.



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